Lasterbacher Musikanten



more than 1300 Fans celebrated with us !!!  

Newspaperarticle 2004/01/24

It’s done! More than 1300 guests fought their way to the Westerwaldhalle in Rennerod,
even though some of them have been on the road for more than two hours
because of the unfavourable weather with ice and snow.
Together we celebrated a fabulous party!

Our party started at 8 o’clock sharp with the band “Riewesklüüss”, who managed to have everybody off his chair in only a few minutes.

We expressed our gratitude to our parents and families.

Afterwards it continued powerfully with the “Funkencorps Blau Wiess Linz”, who had travelled from Linz at the Rhine . The dancing chorus with their charm, which is said to be in high gear at people from the Rhine , assured a terrific atmosphere.

When Peter Mueller,  started his show featuring "Wolfgang Petry", nobody was able to keep cool. Our party guests danced on every free spot and sang along loudly.

All of our guests loved André Fuckert when he played songs of Robbie Williams and Billy Joel on the piano.

Finally it was our turn: we Lasterbacher played for our fans!

The show hit its peak when our Saxplayer Michael climbed into a large balloon and played his clarinet inside. In future this will be part of our show.

There were a lot of congratulators. ...

Fun-act “Andrea Berg” … she weight herself a thousand times…

Finally we had another prominent birthday child. Mrs. Buchwald, the mayor’s wife who came along with our guests from Linz celebrated her birthday with us.

At the End we would like to thank all our assistants for their help.